Tuomas Sievänen has started his own business for pianotunings in the beginning of 2003. At present it’s his full-time job.

Tuomas has graduated as piano tuner from Arlainstituutti in Espoo. He is a member of the Finnish piano tuners’ association. Working area covers the Helsinki Metropolitan Area with western parts of Uusimaa region. The company has many co-operation partners e.g. Suomen Pianomestarit, Pianokeskus and F-Musiikki. Tuomas has been a part-time teacher in Arlainstituutti -piano tuner school.

The company is registered in the Business Information System in Finland. Through BIS service it can be verified that the company belongs to the trade- and prepayment register and carries the value added tax-liability.

You can pay the tuning with cash or invoice, invoice doesn’t cause any extra costs.


Keep your piano in tune. Piano is ment for exact pitch to get correct sound and to able the action to work in the right way. It’s good to tune the piano at least once in a year. At the same time piano tuner checks if there is need to regulate the action. If the piano has been out of tune for years, it may need several tunings to keep in the right pitch.

Structure and pitch has changes because of humidity and temperature, changes cause lack of tune and needs for regulation. Piano goes out of tune in anyway, even if you wouldn’t play with it at all. To play the piano frequently keeps the action in move and prevents it from stucking. Lack of tune disturbs playing and practising.

Ask only a professional to take care of the piano tunings, regulations and repairs.
A professional can easily solve many problems and holds the specific tools. Working without knowledge may cause large damages.

Keep your piano clean with just a clammy cloth, never with a water dropping wet one. Don’t use any chemicals. Don’t place drinks or flower vase with water on top of the piano. Water spoils the surface, strings, action, keys and soundboard very easily.

It’s not good to place the piano to direct sunlight, next to the window, out door, heating unit or external wall because of the changing humidity and temperature.